Dow has continued to grow and evolve by generating lasting value –
leveraging unique strengths that are core to the entire franchise and enable
best-in-class business and operational value delivery.


Discover how Dow is utilizing clear and compelling drivers, to collaborate closely with customers to deliver profitable solutions that address global trends in the markets of tomorrow, while delivering on the strategic priorities of today.

At Dow, we view chemistry as a powerful means of solving challenges while creating tremendous value for customers, shareholders and society. This foundation of science has served as a grounding force and source of momentum throughout the Company’s history.

Dow has ensured its longevity throughout significant industry changes by proactively reinventing itself – building a strategy that balances the needs of owners and delivers against targeted near-term strategic priorities, while – at the same time – prioritizing investments that are enabling sustainable growth. Download the Corporate Annual Report to learn more about the value Dow brings and the financial results that clearly reflect our strategy.

Taken together, Dow’s Mission, Vision, Corporate Strategy and Values help guide the decisions, actions and behaviors that maximize long-term value per share.


Our earnings performance, coupled with our strengthened balance sheet and the growth catalysts we have in place, provide us with confidence in our future cash flow. In the near term, we expect our demand on cash to decrease, while anticipating cash flow increases from multiple key drivers. This increased cash flow is the outcome of our foundational focus on taking targeted actions to enhance financial flexibility.


Cost advantaged feedstocks in every region – Our investments in advantaged feedstocks, such as those in the Middle East with our Sadara joint venture enable a powerful regional position with tremendous access to high-growth geographic regions such as the Asian and future African markets for decades to come.

Scale and operational excellence – We are optimizing our operations and work processes through our science platforms, and our global technology centers – and therefore our cost positions while maintaining our ongoing focus to increase Dow’s overall asset utilization, monitoring closely the efficiency of our capital allocation.

Molecular/Physical Integration – Our fully integrated technology Company is steeped in chemistry and we are leveraging that power across the enterprise. Dow is improving its ability to compete in value chains that have a compelling growth proposition over both the near and longer term. We will continue to reap the benefits from our collective actions to enhance our integration advantage, drive further operational discipline and prioritize our technology investments to preferentially invest in attractive end-markets. Today, we are seeing the results of our innovative products and technologies, coupled with our productivity measures and our strategic integration downstream – driving significant margin up-lift.

Global reach – We are building upon competitive advantages in key regions, such as our preferred partnership position in Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Canada and Argentina while moving forward with the on-time progress of our strategic investments. This coupled with our geographic diversification model – which serves as a natural hedge against regional, macroeconomic volatility – positions Dow well for stronger returns over the long-term.

Science and technology expertise – Dow is innovating side-by-side with customers and bringing forward timely solutions that leverage cross-business synergies...while developing leading-edge process technologies to continue to differentiate our manufacturing excellence model. For example, functionality, convenience and sustainability are major trends driving innovation in packaging. Pack Studios is a global network of packaging experts, equipment and testing capabilities that enhance the collaborative development of better packaging. Take PACXPERT™ for example, an innovative and flexible alternative to rigid packaging.

Strong Brand Value – We know when our customers win, we win. That is why we are taking a solutions-oriented approach to innovation. Using our expertise at the intersection of the sciences to jointly develop customized solutions that address today’s global needs, we are creating sustainable growth for our customers and sustainable growth for Dow.



Dow is a vertically integrated science and technology company. Customized integration benefits, such as science and technology expertise, global reach, scale and operational excellence, create a compelling source of advantage. These common linkages are applied across the Company’s portfolio, establishing a firm foundation for growth throughout strategic value chains where a market-focused approach drives Dow’s global footprint.


Principal Joint Ventures

Science and Technology Expertise

Dow is strengthening competitive advantage by accelerating our market-driven strategy, narrowing and deepening focus on select, high-growth market sectors and the strategic integration of our manufacturing operations with new supplies of advantaged feedstocks. Constantly innovating with customers, developing customized, profitable solutions and commercializing technologies faster than our competitors – Dow’s pipeline of industry-leading technologies remains a crucial source of competitive advantage for the Company. Behind every innovation at Dow is a team of world-class researchers able to move transformative ideas into real-world solutions.

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Dow’s ability to innovate in a volatile economy is essential to our growth and future success. We are applying this innovation at the intersection of chemistry, biology and physics across the portfolio to meet challenges around the globe, while working closely with our customers to develop differentiated solutions – commercializing our technologies faster than our competitors.