Univation Technologies

Univation Technologies, LLC is a global leader in the licensing of polyethylene (PE) technology and supply of catalysts for PE production. The joint venture licenses gas-phase UNIPOL™ PE process technology and sells catalysts used to make PE, spanning a broad range of density, melt index and molecular weight distribution, for applications including packaging film, plastic bags, bottles, industrial containers, pressure pipe, and hoses and tubes. The UNIPOL™ PE process technology is used to produce nearly 25 percent of the world’s PE and its licensed capacity exceeds 22 million metric tons. The technology has been implemented in 100 reactor lines around the world.




Dow 50%
ExxonMobil Chemical Company 50%

Headquarters Location:

Houston, Texas, U.S.A.

Production Facilities:

3 technology centers and 3 manufacturing facilities

Products and Services:

Licensing of the UNIPOL™ PE Process; UCAT™ Conventional Catalysts;
XCAT™ Metallocene Catalysts; PRODIGY™ Bimodal Catalysts;
PREMIER™ Products and Services; UT Deoxo Catalyst

For more information, visit the Univation website.