The SCG-DOW Group

The SCG-Dow Group is comprised of five main operating joint venture companies in Thailand that manufacture and supply customers across Asia Pacific with products used in a wide range of industrial and consumer goods, including food packaging, foam insulation and furniture.

In 2011, a specialty elastomers plant began operation to support growth in the Performance Plastics segment. In 2012, Dow marked its 45th anniversary in Thailand and the 25th anniversary of the SCG-Dow partnership with the grand opening of its new production complex in Asia Industrial Estate (AIE). Together, the site’s world-scale facilities make Thailand Dow’s largest manufacturing base in Asia Pacific.


1988 Siam Styrene Monomer Company Limited
1990 Siam Synthetic Latex Company Limited
1993 Siam Polystyrene Company Limited
1995 Siam Polyethylene Company Limited


Dow 49.99%
SCGChemicals Co., Ltd. 49.99%
Others 0.02%

Headquarters Location:

Bangkok, Thailand

Production Facility:

Rayong Province


Styrene monomer, latex, polystyrene, polyethylene, specialty elastomers