Adding Value to Attics

A well-insulated attic protects against air and moisture infiltration, helping create a tighter, more energy-efficient building envelope. Dow gives you a versatile range of insulation and sealant technologies for enhancing conditioned and un-conditioned attics.

Dow spray sealant being used in an unfinished attic.

Attic Insulation

The potential for energy loss through an uninsulated or under insulated attic can make your energy bills go through the roof. A well-insulated attic helps:

  • Save money
  • Increase comfort in living space
  • Prevent condensation
  • Provide even temperature distribution throughout a home or building
  • Reduce the potential for mold, mildew, wood rot and associated odors
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GREAT STUFF insulation being installed around a window.

Gaps & Penetrations

Air gaps and penetrations in the attic can compromise the energy efficiency of the entire home. Common problem areas include wall-ceiling joints, electrical lines, roof vents and interior partitions.

Dow solutions help you seal around penetrations and cracks, blocking entry of unwanted air, moisture, insects, dust and noise.

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Insulation being installed in an attic environment.

Air Sealing

Attics are like a superhighway for unwanted air to enter and wander freely. (Pests, critters and bats travel these roads too.) We recommend air sealing attics to help keep unwanted air and pests from disturbing comfort.

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