UCAR™ Aircraft Deicing Fluid "50/50"

UCAR™ Aircraft Deicing Fluid "50/50" is an ethylene glycol-based fluid containing water, corrosion inhibitors, wetting agents and an orange dye. The product is formulated to assist in removing ice, snow, and frost from the exterior surfaces of aircraft. UCAR ADF "50/50", when applied on large high-speed jet aircraft, has a lowest operational use temperature of -24°C (-11°F). UCAR ADF "50/50" is only available in the United States.

UCAR ADF "50/50" nominally contains approximately 47.8% by weight ethylene glycol. UCAR ADF "50/50" is a UCAR ADF aqueous solution which can be made by mixing 50 parts by volume of UCAR ADF Concentrate with 50 parts of water, thus its name "50/50". UCAR ADF "50/50" is a ready-to-use fluid.

Conformance to Industry Standards
UCAR ADF "50/50" conforms to all technical requirements of the Society of Automotive Engineers Aerospace Material Specification1 (SAE AMS) 1424 for Aircraft Deicing/Anti-icing Fluid SAE Type I, the Douglas CSD #1 Type VI specification, revised May 1988, and the Boeing D6-17487 specification, revision L. Copies of certificates of conformance issued by independent laboratories are available upon request.

1 SAE standards available from the Society of Automotive Engineers, Inc., 400 Commonwealth Drive, Warrendale PA 15096-0001, (724) 776-4841, www.sae.org. This website lists the current version(s) of the pertinent documents.