UCAR ENDURANCE™ EG106 Aircraft Deicing/Anti-Icing Fluid

UCAR ENDURANCE™ EG106 Aircraft Deicing/Anti-icing Fluid (ADF/AAF) is an ethylene glycol-based Type IV fluid containing water, corrosion inhibitors, wetting agents, thickeners and green dye. UCAR ENDURANCE EG106 ADF/AAF is formulated to be used neat (undiluted) as an anti-icing fluid for extended protection time against precipitation. UCAR ENDURANCE EG106 ADF/AAF nominally contains 50% ethylene glycol, 49% water, and less than 1% of the other formulation ingredients.

UCAR ENDURANCE EG106 ADF/AAF is formulated to provide rapid and uniform wetting and spreading on the surface of an aircraft, maximizing the efficiency and effectiveness of its application. It also sets the industry standard for its resistance to mechanical degradation from the shear associated with the pumping and application of aircraft anti-icing fluids.

Conformance to Industry Standards
UCAR ENDURANCE EG106 ADF/AAF conforms to the technical requirements of the Society of Automotive Engineers Aerospace Material Specification1 (SAE AMS) 1428. Copies of certificate of conformance are available upon request. Holdover guidelines are only available for the neat (100/0) fluid. Do not dilute UCAR ENDURANCE EG106 ADF/AAF.

1 SAE standards available from the Society of Automotive Engineers, Inc., 400 Commonwealth Drive, Warrendale PA 15096-0001, (724) 776-4841, www.sae.org. This website lists the current version(s) of the pertinent documents.