Retirement Health Care Assistance Plan (RHCAP) - Union Carbide

RHCAP Overview
If you contributed to the Retirement Health Care Assistance Plan (RHCAP) as an active Employee, you can use available funds from your RHCAP account to pay for all or a portion of your medical premiums.
RHCAP Overview (32K PDF) 

RHCAP - Summary Plan Description
For detailed information regarding RHCAP, download the Summary Plan Description.

RHCAP Fund Performance (72K PDF) 
RHCAP Plan assets are invested in several institutional funds provided by Bank One. Click on the link for additional details.

RHCAP Manual Claim Form (20K PDF) 
Click on this link for the RHCAP Manual Claim Form.

RHCAP Manual Claim Form Q&A (12K PDF) 
For additional information on RHCAP (how to submit a claim, etc.) please link to this Q&A page.

Who to Contact
Retiree Service Center
Toll Free: (800) 344-0661
- click on "Message Center"