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Assorted bottle caps of varying colors.With a dazzling array of products on offer, today's drinks consumers make choices based not just on eye-popping shelf-appeal and great design, but other attributes key to effective packaging such as taste and smell, how easy it is to open, hygiene capabilities and of course sustainability.

Buy a bottle of wine for that special evening in, and you don't want the artificial wine cork to give off a strong smell and affect the delicate aroma. Grab a sports drink to throw into your gym bag and you don't want the seal to fail and get your clothes wet before you've even hit the treadmill!

Dow Elastomers support product development in the drinks caps and closures application by offering solutions which help deliver tight seals to protect from spills and spoilage, easy opening for fast hydration, temperature performance to keep that drink fresh and stability to help keep taste and smell intact.