Toddler toy made out of plastic.

Delivering softness that can withstand the rough and tumble of childhood.

Today's children are becoming more sophisticated consumers at an earlier and earlier age. Demands for the brightest, the best and the boldest echo around the globe year round as toy manufacturers endeavor to develop the next 'big thing'.

Consumer and regulatory needs regarding safety, health and environment provide toy manufacturers a challenge in choosing materials to meet requirements while maximizing value to their company. In an industry where soft touch and feel with long-lasting color choices are so important, Dow Elastomers can offer a breadth of solutions to support creative toy and infant development.

Parents looking for attractive choices will welcome the ability of such products to deliver durability, while toy manufacturers, brand owners and retailers will appreciate the mechanical performance, good adhesion in over-molding applications and improved injection molding productivity that elastomers can bring. Those looking for alternatives to PVC softened by plasticizer will also welcome the increased options offered by elastomers materials without having to compromise on performance.

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