Roofing & Water Management Membranes

Dow Elastomers provides resin solutions to suit your waterproofing membrane needs.  Our broad polymer technologies and chemistries are ripe for developing the materials for your next generation membrane.

Thermoplastic Applications:

Dow offers a multitude of polymers to be used in formulations for single-ply thermoplastic polyolefin (TPO) membranes.  These polymers help improve flexibility, broaden heat welding temperature window, improve low and high temperature resistance, as well as reduce formulation cost.  

  • When properly formulated, VERSIFY™  based TPO formulations allow for faster installation with less room for errors versus incumbent TPO resins.

  • Our full-slate of polyolefin products allows the freedom to formulate to balance membrane performance and cost.

  • Dow’s work with outside experts validates the performance of our materials:

    • Broad heat sealing window
    • Excellent flame retardant incorporation
    • Balance of highest output and superb membrane performance on the cutting-edge at-press compounding equipment.

Thermoset Applications:   

Several high quality NORDEL™ hydrocarbon rubber  grades are available from Dow for single-ply EPDM roofing formulations.  We also manufacture resins that are commonly used in other EPDM waterproofing applications like: adhesive tapes, expansion joints, and roofing accessories.


  • Many grades are free-flowing and can be handled with common bulk transfer equipment rather than bails which require special handling.
  • The free flowing nature of our patented NORDEL materials allows our customers to achieve unmatched manufacturing cost advantages in mixing efficiencies and output.
  • Our materials have been used by customers in EPDM roofing and accessory formulations dating back to 1998. 

Membranes and Profile Adhesion: 

AMPLIFY™ EA Functional Polymers  offers exceptional adhesion to a wide variety of polar and non-polar substrates while exhibiting high flexibility and low temperature toughness.

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Graph showing the Welding set temperature and Welding speed.