In a world increasingly shaped by science and technology, STEM education has never been more critical. If America is to meet the challenges of the 21st century, we must STEMtheGAP™ in science, technology, engineering, and mathematical education.

Who better to turn to for new ideas than you—the teachers in America’s classrooms?

Share your best ideas for improving STEM education below, and you have the chance to receive a $1,000 grant for your students.

An independent panel of scientists and educators from The Center for Science Teaching and Learning of Rockville Centre, NY, will review every submission.

To send us your best idea, just fill out the form below. The Summer Teacher Challenge is now open, and responses must be received no later than 7/30/14.

Teacher Challenges: Date Open: Date Closed: Possible Grants to be Awarded:
Summer Teacher Challenge 5/19/14 7/30/14 25
Fall Teacher Challenge 8/4/14 10/31/14 50

The Spring Teacher Challenge is now closed, submissions are being reviewed, and feedback can be expected by 6/30/14. Thank you for helping us STEMtheGAP™! .

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Special thanks to the Center for Science Teaching and Learning who will review all entries.

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