Community outreach has been an essential element of The Dow Chemical Company since our founding in 1897. For years our mission has been to be a good neighbor and a trusted partner, making sure we leave a positive impact on every community where we have operations.

Our relationships are reflected in various ways: effective communication with Community Advisory Panels, employees volunteering in their communities, partnerships with local organizations, sponsorship of community events and strategic financial investment in community groups and initiatives.

2015 Contributing to Community Success Goals

Our goal is that by 2015, 100 percent of Dow’s major presence sites will have achieved their targeted individual community acceptance ratings, which measure community favorability with the role Dow plays in making the community a better place to live; and, by 2015, 100 percent of Dow sites are actively engaged in implementing the “Contributing to Community Success” best practices in their respective communities.

Sustainability Report

Dow is committed to transparency. To keep our stakeholders informed, we regularly report progress against our goals.

Impact Magazine

Dow reaches out to stakeholders in many ways, as described in our community-based Impact Magazine.
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