Working with Dow is simple – we have the capabilities to provide solutions that meet your unique needs. Whether you are a customer, a supplier or a company looking for a value-added collaborator, you can benefit from Dow’s extensive global reach and local knowledge and expertise. To make your experience with Dow as effortless as possible, we offer a variety of resources, including our integrated business unit dedicated to customers with around-the-clock access with customer automation solutions and specific resources for suppliers.

Dow Business Services

Dow Business Services combines world-class expertise in functional services, work processes and operational capabilities into one integrated business unit &emdash; helping customers accelerate business excellence and enabling them to operate more efficiently, safely and profitably.

Customer Automation Solutions

Dow Customer Service supports our customers with automation solutions that complement traditional contact for ordering by phone and fax, order management and invoicing.

By providing around-the-clock service, streamlining business processes, and reducing transaction costs, Dow customer service automation solutions improve your experience and business relationship with Dow. Find out how we can work together to drive effectiveness and create value.

Dow Venture Capital

Dow Venture Capital strategically manages a robust and diverse investment portfolio to create value for Dow and our portfolio companies through investing in attractive start-up companies around the world that have the potential to enable and accelerate Dow’s business growth.