The Diamond Standard, Dow's Code of Business Conduct summarizes many of the ethical principles and policies created to deal with issues such as bribery, political contributions, equal employment opportunity, and environment, health and safety. All of us at Dow, no matter where we happen to live, are expected to apply these principles in the daily performance of our job responsibilities.

In December 2010, a new Code of Conduct was approved by Dow's Board of Directors. The Code has been translated into 24 languages.


For more information about Ethics & Compliance at Dow contact the Office of Ethics & Compliance. Tel. +1-989-636-2544.


Arabic (32MB PDF)
Chinese (22MB PDF)
Chinese-Simplified (18MB PDF)
Dutch (17.5MB PDF)
English (1.76MB PDF)
Finnish (17.5MB PDF)
French (17.5MB PDF)
German (17.5MB PDF)
Greek (17.5MB PDF)
Hungarian (17MB PDF)
Indonesian (17.5MB PDF)
Italian (17.5MB PDF)
Japanese (18MB PDF)
Korean (18MB PDF)
Polish (17.5MB PDF)
Portuguese (Brazil) (17.5MB PDF)
Portuguese (23MB PDF)
Russian (17.5MB PDF)
Spanish (Latin America) (17.5MB PDF)
Spanish (17.5MB PDF)
Swedish (17.5MB PDF)
Thai (18.5MB PDF)
Turkish (17.5MB PDF)
Ukrainian (17.5MB PDF)
Vietnamese (17.5MB PDF)