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Responsible Chemistry – Integral to Our Safety, Intregral to Our Business

Dow is committed to protecting people and the environment and is an industry leader in setting standards for higher performance.

EH&S Policies and Principles

We work with customers and suppliers to ensure our products are handled safely and advocate Responsible Care® principles across the business value chain.

Safe Handling Techniques: Proper handling precautions, safety equipment and personnel training are essential when handling and using caustic soda in supported applications.

Download a copy of The Caustic Soda Solution Handbook (225KB PDF) for more information on safety precautions and preventative measures.

Emergency Information: View Emergency Contacts and Procedures.

Technical Help: For more specific product and application support, including Sales Specifications and Safety Data Sheets (SDS), please Contact Us.

Responsible Care®

For more than a decade, we have embraced and advocated Responsible Care®, a voluntary, worldwide initiative of the American Chemistry Council (ACC) launched in 1988. Through Responsible Care®, we are committed to no accidents, injuries or harm to the environment and to continually improving our performance. Learn more about the initiative.

REACH and Dow

Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and Restriction of Chemical substances, or “REACH", ensures that risks associated with chemical substances are managed consistently throughout the European Union (EU). REACH requires companies to identify, collect, evaluate, document and submit data to EU authorities on intrinsic properties and uses of the chemical substances they manufacture or import.

Dow is here to help you with REACH. Read more about how to access REACH-relevant information or get specific product information

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