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Trade Associations

Chlor-Alkali Industry Associations

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The Chlorine Institute
The Chlorine Institute exists to support the Chlor-Alkali Industry and its associated products by fostering the continuous evaluation of and improvements to safety and the protection of human health and the environment connected with the production and use of chlorine.

Euro Chlor
As the European federation representing the producers of chlorine and its derivatives, Euro Chlor plays a key communications and representation role in listening and responding to society's concerns about product sustainability and the possible impact of chlorine chemistry on our environment and health.

Clorsur's mission is to organize and implement initiatives within its sphere of operations that promote the chlorine, alkali and derivative Latin American Industry, working with the government and the public in the fields of health, safety and environment.

Chlorine Chemistry Division (C2) of the American Chemistry Council
The Chlorine Chemistry Division of the American Chemistry Council is a national trade association based in Arlington, VA representing the manufacturers and users of chlorine and chlorine-related products. Chlorine is widely used as a disease-fighting disinfection agent, as a basic component in pharmaceuticals and myriad other products that are essential to modern life.

World Chlorine Council
The World Chlorine Council (WCC) coordinates international efforts to improve understanding and awareness of the benefits of chlorine chemistry; further the practice and understanding of responsible stewardship; and anticipate and respond to relevant health, environmental and public policy issues.

Canadian Chlorine Chemistry Council
The Canadian Chlorine Chemistry Council (C4) is an alliance of associations and companies devoted to the responsible use of chlorine chemistry. They facilitate dialogue and promote coordinated action in Canada among key stakeholders in order to bring about a balanced view of chlorine chemistry to enable society to make informed, science-based decisions on issues involving chlorine. C4's vision is: The responsible and sustainable use of chlorine chemistry resulting in societal benefit recognized by the public.