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The Dow Chemical Company has developed several literature pieces providing health, safety and environmental information on caustic soda solution. Select the appropriate link below to download information or request a copy by mail. When requesting a copy by mail, you will be linked directly to our Literature Request Form.

Literature Overview Downloadable Information
The Caustic Soda Solution Handbook

The Caustic Soda Solution Handbook
The handbook includes information regarding chemical and physical properties, safety and safety equipment, first aid, storage and handling systems, and procedures for unloading tank cars and trucks containing caustic soda solution. It includes several charts and graphs, which contain physical property data. It is a useful guide for engineers and other technical personnel who work with, or design systems for caustic soda solution. It is 24 pages. English (4.87MB PDF)
French-Canada (182KB PDF)
Spanish (215KB PDF)
Portuguese (188KB PDF)
Liquid Caustic Safe Handling and First Aid Wall Chart

Liquid Caustic Safe Handling and First Aid Wall Chart
This 20" x 26" poster discusses protective clothing, precautions for unloading and handling, dilution procedures, and first aid recommendations. It is an effective piece to hang in caustic soda solution unloading and storage facilities to emphasize appropriate protective equipment. English (40KB PDF)
Spanish (214KB PDF)
Caustic Soda Solution Safety Video

Caustic Soda - Safety, First Aid and Unloading Video Tape

Caustic Soda brings many benefits to a variety of industries, but it is a highly corrosive material and must be handled with special care. Precautions must be taken when handling caustic soda to avoid personal injury. At Dow, personal safety is our top priority. The modules included on the DVD are designed to help you develop, implement and enforce safety procedures for handling caustic soda at your facility. These informative resources contain important guidelines on the safe unloading, storage and transport of caustic soda, as well as information on the proper installation and use of safety equipment. Duration: 77:12 minutes. DVD format.

Read: Disclaimer / Introduction (2:30 minutes)

Module 1: Developing a Safety Culture: Overview for Managers (6:07 minutes)
Module 2: Chemical & Physical Properties of Caustic Soda (3:40 minutes)
Module 3: Safety Procedures and Equipment (3:42 minutes)
Module 4: First Aid and Emergency Response (2:33 minutes)
Module 5: Guidelines for Unloading Caustic Soda (2:59 minutes)
Module 6: Thawing Caustic Soda in Rail Cars and Tank Cars (4:00 minutes)
Module 7: Unloading Tank Trucks (7:10 minutes)
Module 8: Unloading Rail Cars: Pumping from Bottom (5:54 minutes)
Module 9: Unloading Rail Cars: Air Pressure from Top (7:09 minutes)
Module 10: Unloading Rail Cars: Air Pressure from Bottom (6:55 minutes)
Module 11: Spill Cleanup (3:16 minutes)

Module 12: Real-Life Scenarios:
Scenario 1: "Separation Anxiety" (2:52 minutes)
Scenario 2: "Not an Option" (3:38 minutes)
Scenario 3: "False Security" (5:09 minutes)
Scenario 4: "Only Skin Deep" (2:35 minutes)
Scenario 5: "Frozen Mindset" (3:23 minutes)
Scenario 6: "Unintentional Traps" (2:52 minutes)

Module 13: Closing (0:43 minutes)

Chlorine Institute Catalog

Chlorine Institute Catalog
The Chlorine Institute publishes many literature pieces related to caustic soda and chlorine. Many of the Chlorine Institute publications are available by download. Visit The Chlorine Institute web site to view literature.