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Explore our Resource Library for an extensive array of information and downloads about caustic soda and working with Dow.

Safety and Handling Information

Health, Safety and Environmental Literature on Caustic Soda: View our downloads or request a copy by mail.

Safety and Handling information: Get essential information on Emergency Contacts, Personal Protective Equipment, First Aid and Handling and Storage.

Information about Working with Dow

Shipping Information: View quantities for tank car and tank truck shipments and additional information about Dow's shipping of caustic soda.

Billing Formula: Information on Caustic Soda Billing.

Dow Answer Center: Search our knowledge base or submit your own question to the Dow Answer Center.

General Information on Caustic Soda

Process Overview: Read about the electrolytic production of caustic soda and chlorine.

Physical Properties: Learn more about the physical properties of caustic soda.

Trade Associations: A roundup of chlor-alkali industry associations.