Dow's co-op program and internships — both paid opportunities — provide university and college students first hand experience of working for a global company as well as the opportunity to evaluate Dow as a potential full-time employer.

Dow Co-op Program

Dow collaborates with U.S. universities and colleges to offer the following:

  • Our alternating-term co-op program allows students to alternate between periods of study and paid on-the-job training while working toward a degree. You will get to work at different Dow locations across the United States as you move from one assignment to the next.
  • In our college co-op program, you come to work for Dow in a location close to your school. You will be able to attend classes for part of the day and work for the other part of the day.

Dow Internships

Dow’s paid internships provide university and college students with on-the-job training.

Those who successfully complete internships at Dow may be considered for regular full-time positions following graduation.


The Summer Internship Program (SIP) in the Commercial Organization is designed to give participants awareness of the sales, marketing, customer service, and technical service functions at a Fortune 100 company. They will acquire knowledge of various roles, responsibilities, and capabilities; and an understanding of concepts, techniques, and tools which drive sales effectiveness. Learn More

Customer Service

Customer Service offers a 12-week internship program that provides qualified college students a great work experience in a dynamic, customer-centric environment. Internship projects typically focus on optimizing work process and reducing the time taken to collect payment from our customers. Learn More.


Interns in Finance have the opportunity to work on real and meaningful projects and share their expertise while learning more about Dow’s Finance organization. As an intern, you will benefit from personalized coaching by a Dow leader assigned to mentor you during your time with us. Learn more

We offer internships in Finance to:

  • Students working towards their undergraduate or master’s degree in Accounting who typically have one final year remaining in their degree program
  • MBA students with a business related concentration such as Finance or Economics

General Management

Program Summary

Dow is at a very exciting time in our transformation into a solutions provider. We have truly visionary leadership intent on transforming the earnings profile of the company. Our aspiration is nothing less than to be the most respected chemical company in the world.

The objective of the General Management MBA Program is to create an accelerated path to senior leadership positions at Dow for a few exceptional people who can bring new ideas and insights to help drive solutions that reshape our world. Alumni of this program fill the pipeline of future executive leaders for our company.

MBA Internship Opportunities

  • Exclusive Corporate Program
  • Work on significant “enterprise level” projects with access to top executives
  • Personal, assigned mentoring from C-level executives and Executive Vice Presidents
  • Relocation and accommodations included
  • Best in class compensation package
  • Interns are primary source for full-time opportunities
  • Opportunities for international travel

Target Candidate Profile

  • Excitement about prospect of running a large international business
  • Aspiration to executive-level General Management roles
  • 5-7 years of work experience at an operating company; preferred
  • Prior experience with global business and ability to embrace the Midwest US culture – open, friendly, and straight forward
  • Ability to create and leverage network of contacts throughout Business School and professional experiences
  • Demonstrated community leadership

Human Resources

Our internship program is for students majoring in business, human resources, labor and industrial relations, organizational development and design, or industrial/organizational psychology. Students who successfully complete this program may be considered for other opportunities. Learn More.

Information Research

Dow’s Information Research (IR) group, a function of Dow’s Research & Development (R&D) organization, provides Information Technology and Information Management based solutions to Dow’s R&D groups. Internships and co-op opportunities in IR offer students the chance to gain experience in a variety of fields, including high performance computing, scientific data analysis and integration, robotics, lab automation, systems development, and technical support. Learn more.

Manufacturing & Engineering

Manufacturing & Engineering internships at Dow are typically offered to recruits at select universities and other Dow sponsored recruiting events, and near where our manufacturing facilities are located. Our internships are an excellent way to gain valuable experience in one of the many roles within Manufacturing & Engineering. Generally, the program requires students to have completed their second year of engineering studies as well as selected an engineering discipline for which Dow recruits. Learn more.


Dow offers Marketing Internships for MBA students who have completed the first year of their curriculum and have at least three years’ prior work experience. Currently, internships in Marketing are offered only in Dow North America. Learn more.

Public Affairs

Public Affairs internships provide students with opportunities to gain experience in the corporate communications and public relations area. Develop and improve skills in strategic planning, writing, event planning and advertising. We are looking for students majoring in journalism, communication, public relations, marketing, advertising or related disciplines that have completed their sophomore year in college. Learn more.

Supply Chain

Internships in Supply Chain offer students the opportunity to gain valuable experience in designing or optimizing distribution networks, implementing supply and demand management improvements, and/or supporting logistics operations.

Students majoring in Supply Chain Management, Operations Management and Engineering will be considered for these internship opportunities. Learn more.

Sustainability Leadership

The MBA Sustainability Leadership Internship Program at Dow provides a unique laboratory for catalyzed learning around real-world projects and challenges facing industry. The objective of the program is to create an experience for exceptional MBA students who can bring new ideas and insights to the needs of a changing global marketplace while helping to integrate sustainability throughout the organization. Learn more.

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