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West Hill

The West Hill plant (near Toronto, Ontario) consists of 45 acres and manufactures water-based emulsions. These emulsions go into a variety of products, the biggest single application being latex paint. More than half of what is produced at the West Hill Plant is exported to the United States. The West Hill Plant is certified under ISO 9001. The West Hill Plant is a modern plant with leading edge technology for processing, safety and environmental aspects. The company continues to invest in our site and to add new technology.

There are approximately 80 employees at West Hill who all have a strong commitment to the community. They are supporters of West Hill Community Services, they deliver meals on wheels, and one employee was a founding member of Stand Up Scarborough. Along with the local Rotary Clubs, employees also purchased a van for the physically challenged, which is widely used in the community. The West Hill plant strives to be a good neighbour and to run its operations in a safe and responsible manner.

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