Dow Canada Employee

The Prentiss, Alberta manufacturing location is one of two sites in the province that comprise Dow Canada’s Alberta Operations. Located in the heart of central Alberta near Red Deer, Prentiss is home to a Dow-operated polyethylene plant, and two world-scale ethylene glycol plants operated by MEGlobal, owned by the EQUATE Petrochemical Company K.S.C. MEGlobal manufactures, markets and supplies ethylene glycol worldwide. In addition, Dow has 50 percent ownership of the E3 ethylene cracker in Joffre, Alberta which is operated by NOVA Chemical Corporation.

Dow’s Prentiss site is a positive contributor to the local economy. Our operations provide an economic multiplier effect through the purchase of raw materials, products, services, labour and technologies. With more than 200 employees and contractors on site, we take advantage of Alberta’s natural gas resources and produce value-added products that can be used within our domestic economy, or sold internationally.