NORKOOL™ Degreaser contains a complex mixture of nonionic and anionic surfactants dispersed in water for grease removal. It is an excellent choice for chemical cleaning of hydrocarbon foulants such as oils, greases, waxes, gums, tars and coke. NORKOOL Degreaser provides a highly effective and easy-to-use alternative to compounds containing volatile organic solvents, halogenated solvents and inorganic phosphates. It is typically used as a companion product with NORKOOL Cleaner for optimal results.

Used in:

  • Cleaning and degreasing of natural gas processing equipment
  • Removing scale, sludge and oil from gas compressor engine cooling systems


  • Near-neutral pH
  • Ease of use
  • No need for the neutralizing or exhaustive clean-water rinses associated with acid cleaners
  • On-site use eliminates cost of dismantling equipment, sending it off-site for cleaning services and reassembling
  • Users are able to realize substantial savings in maintenance time and money, as well as in equipment downtime
  • Contains no heavy metals - biodegradable and exhbits little environmental impact when disposed of properly