D.E.H.™ 630 Epoxy Curing Agent

D.E.H.™ 630 Epoxy Curing Agent is a patent-pending curing agent designed as an alternative to mannich base hardeners for flooring formulations.It cures rapidly, both at normal and low temperatures, hence contributing to reducing time spent on site for application and expanding construction season. In addition, it features improved chemical and UV resistance (in comparison to traditional mannich bases). It therefore allows developing more durable flooring formulations.Finally, because it does not contain any alkyl phenol (including para tertiary butyl phenol), D.E.H. 630 does not bear an R62 (risk of impaired fertility) label. It therefore allows flooring formulators to take full advantage of D.E.H. 630 performances without affecting their flooring formulations labeling.

Used in:

  • Self-leveling flooring
  • Roller Coating Flooring
  • Primers & Impregnation


  • Excellent reactivity profile, e.g. short walk-over time even at low temperature
  • Improved resistance against UV and chemicals
  • Strong EH&S profile since it is free of any alkyl phenol (including para tertiary butyl phenol), hence not labeled R62 / risk of impaired fertility
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