Formulated for industrial applications.
    NORKOOL™ CLEANER Highly effective water-based cleaner for removing corrosion such as rust, lime and other mineral scales
    NORKOOL™ DEGREASER Complex mixture of nonionic and anionic surfactants dispersed in water for grease removal
    NORKOOL DESITHERM™Inhibited triethylene glycol used to dehydrate natural gas to help ensure pH stability and inhibit corrosion
    NORKOOL™ INHIBITOR 244Surface modifier that prevents flash rusting
    NORKOOL™ SLH 50A solution of NORKOOL™ SLH containing 50% by volume of EG with freeze protection to -35°F.
    NORKOOL™ SLH Concentrate A EG based industrial coolant which can provide freeze protection as low as -60°F depending on concentration.
    NORKOOL™ NORKOOL™ industrial coolants offer excellent freeze and burst protection.