ANGUS crosslinking agents improve the properties of finished leather, allowing reduced levels of chrome as well as production of light colored free-of-chrome leathers.

ZOLDINE™ Synthetic Tanning and Cross-linking Agents provide a range of key performance-enhancing additives for chrome-free leather processing to help improve the properties of finished leather. The ZOLDINE portfolio includes oxazolidine-based, fast-reacting cross-linking agents for collagen and casein, as well as vegetable tanning materials (condensed tannins).

These agents offer a wide range of versatility to be incorporated into many leather production processes, including pre-tanning, tanning, re-tanning and finishing. The ZOLDINE portfolio improves processing and finished leather properties when used in combination with other tanning materials, including chromium sulfate, aluminum sulfate, vegetable extracts and phenolic syntans. The products are an excellent choice for both chrome and chrome-free (metal and non-metal) wet white tannages.

To learn more about ALKATERGE™ and ZOLDINE™ products, see the table below.

Product Chemistry Description
ALKATERGE-T 2-Heptadecenyl-4,4
ZOLDINE XL-29SE Polycarbodiimide Liquid
ZOLDINE ZA-78 Oxazolidine Liquid
ZOLDINE ZE Oxazolidine Liquid

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