Wood Composite Deck

A number of these versatile polymers offer improved low temperature toughness, high thermal stability, exceptional adhesion to a variety of surfaces, easy processing and melt indices well-suited for multi-layer structures.

The AMPLIFY™ Functional Polymers family consists of four product groups:

AMPLIFY™ EA Functional Polymers - these polymers are ethylene-ethyl acrylate (EEA) copolymers.

AMPLIFY™ GR Functional Polymers - these unique polymers are maleic anhydride (MAH) grafted polyolefins.

AMPLIFY™ IO Functional Polymers - these new Ionomers are modified ethylene acrylic acid copolymers and are currently available in sodium and zinc grades.

AMPLIFY™ TY Functional Polymers - these polymers are designed specifically for packaging tie layer application.

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